Become an Instructor

Every country worldwide with an Art Clay distributor uses the same certification programme that is set out by our suppliers, Aida Chemical Industries, in Japan.


The programme uses Art Clay Silver 650/1200 clay, paste and syringe, Slow Tarnish clay, Slow Dry clay, Gold clay or Gold paste and Gold foil (Keum Boo). It covers 3 types of ring, pendant and brooch making, glass fusing, two different types of bezel setting, bail back placement and the use of core cork clay.


To become a certified Art Clay instructor, thirteen pieces of jewellery must be completed with Art Clay NZ Ltd. Tuition is usually on a one-to-one basis. These thirteen pieces of jewellery are chosen by the trainee from a selection made available by our suppliers, Aida Chemical Industries in Japan. For each of the thirteen pieces, the trainee can choose from one of four designs.


Each piece teaches specific skills. For example, piece one will show: Basic techniques for using Art Clay Silver clay, storing and reconstituting dried clay, making a rope ring design, understanding the shrinkage, attaching a silver bezel, setting a stone in to the bezel, basic filing, shaping and smoothing the piece, polishing and finishing techniques.


These 13 pieces are generally made over a six day period, although some students may require more time. Once these pieces are completed, the student then needs to create three further pieces in his or her own time, meeting pre set criteria. These are then sent back to Art Clay NZ Ltd for assessment and once passed; a Certificate of Achievement will be attained.


A certified Art Clay Instructor is eligible for discounts on all Art Clay NZ Ltd products. Their names and contact details as Instructors will be listed and class information will be advertised on the Art Clay NZ Ltd website. If an Instructor has a website, we can place a link to this also. A Certified Art Clay Instructor is also eligible for discounts on future training opportunities with Art Clay NZ Ltd and will receive advance notice and advice on new products and industry related news.


For further information on Becoming an Instructor please email annemarie@



Art Clay New Zealand is always interested to hear from new or existing customers who are interested in becoming an Art Clay certified Instructor. We look for people who love doing crafty things, are enthusiastic, organised, well presented and most of all, want to share their knowledge with others.


For further information on Becoming an Instructor please email Anne-Marie.