Free Projects

Listed below are some great projects to try.
Just click on the one you want for all the instructions.
Have Fun!

Art Clay Projects

Baby Mint Leaf Earrings

Silver Framed Pendant

Mona Lisa Copper Pendant

Copper and Silver Ring

Beach Glass Pendant

Simple Scrafito Enamel Pendant Project

Art Clay Silver & Stencil Project

Filgree Ring

Silver Wire Braid

UV Resin Project


Laser Cut Stencil Design Project

Polymer Clay & Art Clay Silver

Flower Ring

Pandora Style Beads Using Fine Silver Bead Cores

Three types of cufflinks using Embeddable Cufflinks

Quilted Pendant

Image Transfer on Klay Resin

ITS Project By Rachel Wright

Aquamarine moon pendant

Tiffany Ring

Shell pendant

Lucky Charm

Nautical Ring

Black Line Cross Ring

Silver Ring with Copper Inlay

Copper Feather Pendant

UV Resin Arabesque Pendant

Kit Projects Sheets

Bezel Bracelet Instructions using KlayResin

Glass Pendant Kit instructions

Deluxe resin Kit Instructions

Glass And Bezel Pendant Kit Instructions

Kraftex Projects

Antique Pencil Holder

Resin Tile Project

Advent Calendar

Days Before Christmas

Memo Holder

Handbag Caddy

Storage Drawers

Skull Album